Monday, May 15, 2006

Monitor your Progress in just 12 minutes!

Here is a great little method, firstly for measuring your cardiovascular fitness at a high intensity, then in the future as a monitor for seeing how you have progressed! Are your ready, here goes! Okay, start off by having a good thorough warm up, then the test is this: run as far as you can in a 12 minute period, this is recommended round a track to keep measurements accurate! As you run remember how many laps you have completed, when your alarm goes off after 12 minutes, stop where you are and work out the distance you have travelled, this distance is used to measure your fitness!
Less than 1,750 metres is poor.
1,750-2,250 is average.
2,250-2,750 is slightly above average.
2,750-3,500 is good!
Anything over 3,500 is excellent!

Do this monthly and see how your fitness improves! This is a good measure of how you've improved!

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