Sunday, May 07, 2006

Running tips and advice

Hi everybody, welcome to my blog, my name is Victor Lensora and have been running for many years, from my years of experience, through this blog and its associates, I will provide you with running tips, running articles and links to recommended sites that will help improve your speed, strength and performance, taking seconds or even minutes off your p.b's! Each day I shall update it, offering a new running tip, piece of advice or article which I have specially selected as I think it really works!

So today it starts:
My first tip of advice is aimed more at the beginners out there, but can also be applied to more experienced runners. Set yourself realistic and achievable goals, both long term and short, write these goals down, for short term goals, plan how many miles you would like to do that week, if your an experienced runner, it may be as high as 60/70 miles including 2 runs on one day, whereas for a beginner, it may just be a gentle 2 mile jog 3 times a week. For long term goals, for more advanced runners, pick a race that you'd like to enter in a few months time and set a realistic target time e.g. 34 minutes in a 10km race. For beginners, it may just be to complete the race. I advise you keep a diary of your runs, this allows you to analyze how you have improved over the past months of training and you will find it helps keep you motivated and gives you pleasure as you see your improvements!

If you set yourself realistic goals in the short term and the long term, it will help you keep motivated and will surely lead to success, the secret is slowly building up, if you set yourself goals that will push you too hard, and increase's intensity and distance too quickly, then your on a fast track for injury!

In conclusion, set yourself realistic goals, this gives you motivation and also allows you to keep a record of your improvement as you achieve your goals and continue to set higher and higher goals till you reach your pinnacle!

Good luck everybody, happy running!

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