Thursday, May 11, 2006

Injury help

Okay, so you've picked up an injury while running. Here is my guide to getting yourself back fighting fit and running again.
So you've got an injury, all you need to remember is R.I.C.E.
The R stands for Rest, often the best cure for any injury is rest, this gives your injury the time it needs to recover without further damaging yourself!
I stands for Ice, ice helps reduce the inflammation from the injury! Ice for 10 minutes every 2 hours!
C stands for Compression, by compressing the injury (e.g. with a bandage), it will help prevent swelling.
E stands for Elevation, by rasing you injury above the level of the heart, it helps reduce the blood flow to the injured body part!

This method should be applied for all injuries, and after a couple of days the injury should start to heal. If the problem is still there after a week, contact your loccal physio for further treatment.

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